18 Tatuajes Que Prueban Lo Poderosa Que Puede Ser Una Palabra

Recibe las últimas novedades del mundo de la moda.

Encontrar un tatuaje con un mensaje o una imagen que sea original e inspiradora a la vez, puede ser difícil. Nadie quiere un tatuaje que sea cliché ni del que te puedas arrepentir, pues es algo permanente. Por eso, pensamos que esta recopilación de tatuajes con una sola palabra les podía servir de inspiración…

Sigue bajando para ver 18 tatuajes que prueban lo cool que puede ser una palabra que sea significativa, y saca ideas!


Anybody who's ever met me knows that I'm a hard shell to crack. It's not because I choose to be but because I have a hard time trusting people in my life. It's always been like that … from the last few years of elementary school to my last year of college. I look around and question why? Why do they want to get to know me? Why can't they just know the surface of me … I have learned that trust is a journey, its part of my journey in growing up and shaping me as a person. Trust is a never ending feeling… it's something I will always struggle with but I have come to realize I lose a lot in my life feeling this way. There are good people in this world and instead of pushing them away, I have to give them a chance and I am doing that but slowly. My struggles, my problems are not anybody else's but my own. But it's okay to have someone to listen to you and to know you for you … because people who stick around are ones who are truly meant to be there and those who leave… well I have learned thats life and I want to say "I am sorry." I am sorry for pushing you away and never giving you the chance to really get to know me. This is something I cherish and something I will always live by. Trust the struggles that we face, trust the journey we are placed, trust yourself and learn to trust people because you never know what can happen and who you will meet on this never ending journey.

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I hope this will help me with my indecision. #onewordtattoo

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Little work done by our resident artist.

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"Saudade" #morriña #tatuajeportugues #portuguesetattoo #saudade #blackline #blackwork #blacktattoo #saudadetattoo

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