2 Años Después Ella Pesa Lo Mismo Pero Se Ve Totalmente Diferente

Recibe las últimas novedades del mundo de la moda.

¡Es increíble el cambio físico y mental de Nikki! Y lo mejor de todo, es que su receta para lograrlo es muy sencilla…

Imposible de creer pero Nikki, la persona de las tres fotos, pesa lo mismo que hace dos años pero se ve absolutamente distinta. Su transformación es asombrosa y prueba que el número que muestre la pesa no significa nada. Nikki cuenta que la mayoría de las veces hace su rutina de ejercicios en la casa pero ¿qué hay de su alimentación? Lo más probable es que siga una dieta super estricta, según la espectacular figura que muestra en la foto. Sigue leyendo para conocer su receta mágica.


My body has changed about a million times in the last 2 years and it's going to change a million times more as I get older. . . Some of the changes I can control, some of the changes I will no doubt, work for, to make them happen… but for the most part the changes will happen just because life happens. . . The best thing I have learned over the last two years is that the shape of your body does not determine your happiness but it can overshadow it if you let it. . . 2 years ago I confused being frustrated with my body and my choices as me being 'unhappy'. Looking back I wasn't unhappy at all, I had just had a miracle baby… I was probably the happiest I had ever been.. but Just like the euphoria of a new baby can sometimes be over shadowed by lack of sleep, lack of hot showers and constant breastfeeding, morning, noon and night. Sometimes having a negative relationship with your body or your lifestyle choices prohibits you from actually fully feeling the happiness that is all around you… . . The best thing I learned, was not a fitness tip or a diet hack …it was to never see my body and my happiness as part of the same equation. . Once you have that the rest is just apple pie. . . I'm not on an endless quest for abs and eternal youth (even though I'm sure it sometimes seems like it) I want to grow older, without pressure, accepting whatever my body looks like at any given time .. knowing I did my best to love it and live it in all at the same time. . . Your body will change everyday for the rest of your life, so there's absolutely no point attaching any part of your happiness to it. . . Never let how you see your body stop you from feeling how happy your heart is ☺️ . . . #soppy #anniversarypost #tbt #throwbackthursday #bbg #kaylaitsines #beforeandafter #bbgprogress #bbgtransformation #fitmum #bbgmums #happy #fitspo #bopo #bodyimage

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Nikki cuenta que no sigue ningún plan de alimentación, no cuenta calorías, no ha dejado de comer alimentos de un grupo u otro y sigue comiendo carbohidratos después de las 5 de la tarde. Tampoco ha hecho ningún plan de desintoxicación ni nada de ese estilo y a veces come torta y no tiene miedo de comer pizzas o hamburguesas.



Antes, cuando comía ese tipo de comidas se sentía mal, con mucha pesadez, lo que se transformaba en la excusa perfecta para no hacer ejercicios o comer comida saludable. La gran diferencia entre la Nikki de hoy y de hace dos años es que hizo un cambio de mentalidad y entendió que la comida saludable le daba energía para hacer ejercicios, algo que ahora le encanta hacer. Su consejo es que hay que comer saludable la mayoría del tiempo pero no dejar de lado las cosas que te gustan mucho y también comerlas con frecuencia.


Hey lovelies! Guess what?! Another 6 am workout today… for those of you asking I did a shoulder workout and although not super sweaty .. it was killer and burned like crazy… at one point (during resistance band forward press/overhead press) I thought I was going to cry I'm really enjoying discovering new ways to DIE ..at home …without a huge selection of weights. Anyway today's workout was a mixture of resistance bands, dumbbells and body weight exercises and I really enjoyed the variety. Def no sign of cardio coming back anytime soon whoops . . … have decided I WILL post a #transformationtuesday later… if you watched my stories you will know I was undecided whether to do one today or not… but I came up with a really good one… not going to be particularly wordy or poignant on the caption but a really good collection of photos and multiple before and afters…showing all the different physical journeys I've been on over the last couple of years.. so look out for that around 6 ish… I say 6 ish because I still have to write a caption and I still can't think of anything to say that I haven't said a million times already lol . . Anyway, moving on… . . The amazing pink frenchy outfit in the pic is @cleoharper_activewear from their new French Riviera collection… which I think it's my most fav they have ever done …. #ontuesdayswewearpink . . #pink #stripes #workout #fitmum #cleofam #femalefitness #homeworkout #resistancebands #strengthtraining #instamama #fitover30 #ootd #wiw #fitnessmotivation #sweatingforthewedding

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