La Tendencia De Vestido Que Todas Deberían Probar

No todos los días nos encontramos con una tendencia que simplemente funciona, pero el maxi vestido de punto desafía todas las probabilidades. Y por suerte para nosotros, está a punto de despegar la próxima temporada.

Un vestido tejido midi a maxi se transforma perfectamente en el cuerpo de cada persona que lo use. Y si bien el estilo en sí está lejos de ser nuevo, está ganando terreno rápidamente como el vestido favorito. Durante las pasarelas de primavera/verano 2020, un grupo de diseñadores desde Tibi hasta Self-Portrait lanzó su propia versión. Los diseños rayados definitivamente reinaron supremamente, pero todavía hay muchas opciones de colores sólidos para las más minimalistas. Así que no tengas miedo de subirte al carro y probar esta tendencia.


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A moment of silence for THE bag please.

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Party in the pink bathroom

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black leather boots!!!! When these new @tamaramellon boots arrived at my door, I pulled them on immediately (effortlessly, might I add — something that has NEVER happened with a brand new pair of designer boots), and felt so powerful. I'm not kidding, there's something about a pair of new boots that makes me transcend to another plane, and it's a feeling I love so much. But this isn't about my love of leather, it's about the fact that @tamaramellon has launched NEW CALF SIZES (small, medium, and large, each graded by shoe-size) in their best-selling Icon 75 boots (a slouchy knee-high boot with supple leather and an incredibly walkable 75mm heel). To say I'm in love is an understatement; to predict that I'll be wearing these all over NYC, all season long, and then some, is probably, also, an understatement. They're gorgeous — and make me feel like an absolute femme fatale. Notes on fit: I'm wearing the "medium" width calf, and I would say my legs are probably "inbetweenie" size — they don't generally fit into standard sized boots, but extended calf boots tend to be too big on me. These fit perfectly on me, and there's a size smaller and a size larger, as well. You can head to their site for exact measurements based on your shoe size. They by no means will work on *everyone*, but it's definitely a step in the right direction… (pun intended, sorry). @lydiahudgensphoto #ad #icon75 #flashyourmellons

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